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Chiropractic Care

If you’re new to chiropractic, the first thing to know about this natural care is that the focus is on the spine and the muscles surrounding it. We look to check to ensure everything is in place. While the spine can’t move out of place much, it can twist a little, and when that happens, it can push on things in the area like nerves and muscles.

Dr. Yost tells patients the spine can’t move without the muscles. “If you get a tight muscle on one side, it can pull the spine out, or if you get tight muscles on both sides, it can make the spine lock up and not move. That’s what we’re looking for,” he said.

Is the spine sitting the way it should? Is it moving the way it should? Are those muscles functioning properly alongside it? If not, pain, tightness, numbness, and tingling can result. The good news is chiropractic can keep the spine healthy and the surrounding muscles functioning optimally.

Conditions We See

We can successfully address the following issues and so many more:

While many people equate chiropractic care with pain relief, our natural care can promote optimal health. That’s because the nervous system controls every function of your body. As chiropractic keeps your nervous system healthy and functioning as it should, you can enjoy peak health.

Dr. Yost primarily uses manual adjusting techniques, such as Diversified. He prefers using his hands, as he likes to push on the bones and feel them move, ensuring they’re in place. With nearly two decades of experience, he’s exceptionally skilled at providing adjustments that get great results.

In addition to the adjustment, Dr. Yost gives our patients stretches and exercises to enhance the care they receive at the practice. He provides patients with exercises to strengthen the muscles around the spine, so they can hold the spine properly. When that happens, the spine will stay in place and move better.

Dr. Yost likes to help patients be active at home, so they can take care of themselves for the long run. “It’s not about just having a patient come in and then me getting them feeling better. When they go home, they can take the stretches and exercises I give them, and either do them continually or when something starts to act up,” added Dr. Yost.

In addition to giving exercises, we also encourage patients to ice immediately after their visits. Ultrasound is also available at the practice. This therapy can help reduce muscle spasms and inflammation, and increase blood flow.

A Patient Success Story

About a month into Dr. Yost opening his practice, a patient came in during an open house. The woman came in completely bent over at the waist and could barely move, and Dr. Yost told her, “I’ll treat you now.” He adjusted the woman and straightened her out. The woman came out standing up and walking. “I remember seeing my grandma’s face and her jaw dropped as she was so amazed,” said Dr. Yost.

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