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Your First Visit to Our Shoreview Practice

New patient filling out paperwork

When you first arrive there will be some brief paperwork to complete.

Upon arriving for your initial appointment, you will be greeted and asked to provide us with information about your current complaint, the reason for the visit, and your health history. We offer our paperwork online so you can complete it in the convenience of your own home.

You will then meet Dr. Yost and discuss your health concerns and health care goals. Once he feels he has a complete understanding of your health and the nature of your complaint, he will perform an examination to evaluate your condition, and develop a working diagnosis.

After the examination, Dr. Yost will explain the diagnosis and will address whether of not he feels chiropractic treatment is appropriate.

Patients appreciate that we explain everything in advance.

  • We will perform treatments on the first visit
  • Treatment may include chiropractic adjustments, muscle massage, ultrasound, trigger point therapy, or others.