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HydroBoost ~ Our great tasting new electrolyte hydration drink

Woman Running on BeachWith many of us being slightly dehydrated most days, we wanted to create a hydration drink to help you stay hydrated after exercise. travel, a long night, or for normal everyday activities.

Staying Hydrated can make or break athletic performance. HydroBoost can help with hangover recovery, restore electrolytes, improve post workout recovery, and help with travel fatigue. Powerful natural ingredients provide a balanced profile of key minerals, electrolytes, vitamins, taurine, and carnosine and work in synergy with each other to support optimal hydration, electrolyte balance, and boost antioxidant capacity.

Naturally sweetened, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Non-GMO, Vegetarian, No Added Sugars, No Preservatives, No Added Caffeine, No Added Stimulants.

  • HydroBoost is an amazing tasting hydration and electrolyte complex.
  • Non GMO, no dyes added and naturally flavored formulated with 4X the electrolytes, 17 essential vitamins, & Taurine for an energy boost.
  • Electrolyte drinks may benefit athletes by helping replenish water, electrolytes and energy lost during exercise.
  • 5 in 1 ~ Hangover Aid, Energy Booster, Hydration Amplifier, Boosts Antioxidant Capability, Supports Optimal Athletic Performance.
  • Convenient travel size container the is cheaper than packets, and can be put in your gym bag, purse, or luggage.

You can get you HydroBoost at Amazon ~ HydroBoost

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