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Do you need help with Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel is a problem with the median nerve as it runs from the forearm and into the hand. The typical Carpal Tunnel Syndrome involves the median nerve getting compressed in the Carpal Tunnel, which is in the wrist. The compression results in pain, weakness, and numbness in the hand, wrist, and forearm.

Chiropractic assessment

Your wrist problem may be a misalignment of one or more joints in your neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist.

Carpal Tunnel Stats

  • Approximately 1 in 20 Americans have or will suffer from Carpal Tunnel
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the most expensive work injury in the US
  • Occurs 3 times more in women
  • Common in manufacturing, cleaning, sewing, and computer work
  • Only 10% are younger than 30

How Can Chiropractic Help?

We have treated countless people with Carpal Tunnel type pain with great success. We have found that not all diagnosed cases of Carpal Tunnel are due to compression at the tunnel itself. Many cases are from compression of the nerve as it goes around the bones of the elbow and through the muscles of the forearm. We address the elbow, the forearm muscles, and the carpal tunnel at the wrist, for a more complete treatment, and a very high success rate.

Treatment For Carpal Tunnel

  • Chiropractic manipulation of the wrist – Realigns the bones of the Carpal Tunnel to create more space
  • Soft tissue massage and mobilization – Reduce tightness in wrist and forearm muscles
  • Ultrasound – Reduces inflammation and muscle tightness
  • Cross Friction Massage – Break apart adhesion’s in tight muscle fibers
  • Icing
  • Splinting if needed
  • Stretching and Strengthening

Call Today for an Appointment

Dr. Douglas Yost has had great success in not only relieving carpal tunnel pain, but also helping patients avoid surgery! If you have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel, or think you may have it, give us a call at (651) 484-0151 and we can be your first choice and natural choice for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with the hope of getting out of pain and avoiding surgery!


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